Best Fonts for Business Cards

Why are Fonts Important for Business Cards?

Learn why business cards are important and how the right fonts can enhance their power. Find the perfect font for your business card and create a powerful marketing tool. Business cards continue to be relevant in our digital age, effectively enhancing professional image and promoting your business. These inexpensive tools retain their importance within evolving technology, fostering stronger connections while augmenting your brand.

Four Things You Should Know About Business Cards

• They facilitate making connections and exchanging contact information with other professionals.

• Business cards help maintain a consistent brand image, creating a lasting impression on potential clients.

• They offer a quick and efficient way to access crucial contact information without relying on digital devices or memory recall.

• Handing out a physical card at networking events or meetings provides a personal touch in an increasingly digital world.

Three Tips for Choosing the Right Font on Your Business Card

  • Clear, legible fonts ensure that your contact details are easily understood, reducing the risk of miscommunication.
  • The right fonts convey a professional image, aligning with your brand’s values.
  • Attractive typography enhances visual impact, making your business card stand out.


The Best Sizes for Fonts on Business Cards

The best business cards present information within a clear hierarchy.

  • The most important thing is your brand name or logo.
  • The next most important thing is your name. Set it in a bold or semi-bold font between 12 point and 14 point.
  • Your contact information is next. It is normally set in a smaller size than your name, usually between 10 point and 12 point, and in a regular or medium weight.
  • While font weight and size can create a clear hierarchy, a bit of color can also help.
  • Only use one font family to set your name and contact information. Business cards are have real estate and can easily look cluttered. Keep things simple. Click here for more information on typographic hierarchy.

Best Sans Serif Fonts for Business Cards

Helvetica® Now

Foundry: Monotype

Helvetica Now represents the latest iteration of the Helvetica design, A significant advancement from its predecessors, this classic font family has been reimagined for the 21st century. MyFonts is the exclusive providers of this powerful typographic tool.

helvetica now business card


Foundry: Linotype

Linotype designed Between for optimized legibility and clarity, creating a truly versatile and modern font solution suitable for a wide range of design applications – including business cards.

Futura® Now

Foundry: Linotype

Futura Now is comprehensive re-digitization of the famous early 20th century geometric sans serif typeface. Featuring 102 unique styles, including Condensed, Headline, and Text weights, Futura Now can be the ideal typeface for today’s business cards.

Futura Now Business Card


Foundry: Hoefler & Co.

Gotham’s contemporary and sophisticated lines, coupled with its wide range of weights, make it a perfect choice for business cards and branding.

Gotham Font Business Card

Neue Frutiger®

Foundry: Linotype

Revamped and enhanced, Neue Frutiger offers significant improvements over previous iterations. It harmoniously blends a sans serif’s clean structure with calligraphic nuances, resulting in a highly legible and engaging typeface.

Neue Frutiger Font Business Card

Best Serif Fonts for Business Cards

ITC Berkeley Old Style®

Foundry: International Typeface Corporation

ITC Berkeley Old style has calligraphic overtones, seamless weight transitions, and timeless proportions. It’s a classic and elegant font solution for business cards.

FF Kevitt® Slab

Foundry: FontFont

FF Kevitt Slab is an exceptionally legible font, featuring distinct letterforms, well-balanced proportions, generous spacing, and optimal stroke contrast. These characteristics guarantee exceptional business card typography.

Kievit Slab Pro Font Business Card

Neue Swift®

Foundry: Linotype

Initially created as a typeface to ensure legibility in publication design, Neue Swift is a refined and enhanced iteration of its predecessor. Its reader-friendly characters make it an ideal choice for business cards.

Swift Neue LT Pro

Sabon® Next

Foundry: Linotype

Sabon Next is reader friendly, while maintaining all the grace and elegance of some of the earliest printing typefaces. It makes a statement, without calling attention to itself – perfect for business cards.

Sabon Next


Foundry: Monotype

Walbaum provides a unique warmth absent in many Didone typefaces. Its sophisticated yet unpretentious nature sets it apart, ensuring a distinct and welcoming presence for business cards.

Walbaum font business card

Best Variable Font for Business Cards

Variable fonts provide design flexibility and increased control over font weight and proportions.

Macklin® Variable

Foundry: Monotype

The Macklin font family is a versatile and robust design, offering open counters and wide, and clear apertures. It’s simple shapes and adaptability make it an excellent choice for the short blocks of copy on business cards.

Macklin Variable Font Business Card