Monotype Fonts. Build better brands.

Monotype makes font licensing simple for organizations of all sizes. No guesswork, no hassle, no frustration — just design. What will your brand create?


Put your best brand forward.

Monotype Fonts takes the guesswork out of font management, meaning your creative teams are free to design and your organization is protected from the risk of unlicensed usage.


  • Intuitive admin tools make it easy to ensure the right fonts are always used correctly
  • Simple, streamlined licensing packages keep costs predictable and stable
  • World-class library of fonts for endless options and inspiration

Monotype Studio: Express yourself.

The type designers in the Monotype Studio can help you find a typeface that captures your brand voice perfectly and connects with customers around the world.


  • A Brand Type Assessment offers insight into the consistency, legibility and scalability of your current type system.
  • Custom and modified font services allow you to create a unique typeface that captures your brand’s voice and meets your design needs.
  • Global expansion services help brands develop consistency across languages and bring their identity to new regions.

Font solutions for devices.

For support of fonts in devices. Monotype can help you deliver crisp, legible fonts in nearly any embedded environment while ensuring a high level of performance. Our team specializes in solving complex text challenges in today’s gaming and streaming services, along with automotive use cases such as in-dash screens and infotainment systems, and global text rendering.

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