Aglet Sans Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Aglet Sans is intended for text to display sizes, both in print and on screen. It is spaced more towards display use, so very small point sizes will need a touch of tracking to read best.



Seven weights ranging from Extra Light to Ultra, each with a complementary italic, for 14 typefaces.

Font Facts

  • Aglet Sans is adapted from its precursor Aglet Slab, also by Jesse Ragan.
  • The fonts have a large assortment of arrows, stars, check-boxes, and hearts for UI design.
  • After getting a bunch of client requests for a rounded slab serif design for tech companies, Jesse Ragan decided to start the Aglet super-family (Aglet Slab, Aglet Sans, Aglet Mono).


Aglet Sans is an exploration what it means to be a rounded typeface and the ways in which a system can be implemented and strategically broken. The design has a mix of corner radiuses, not just a cookie cutter application of a round corner to every stroke. Each stroke ending was considered independently to make a rounded grotesque sans serif that felt natural. The interlocking entrance and exit strokes create spirited counter forms that urge the eye forward. These unorthodox details generate interest when set large, yet provide a crisp but unobtrusive voice for paragraphs and captions, both in print and on screen.



Rectangular counters with a large x-height, along with a lowercase l with a tail helps Aglet Sans be easily read at small sizes.

How to spot Aglet Sans


Download a pdf version of the Aglet Sans Font Field Guide and view the Aglet Sans font family.

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