Mont™ Font Field Guide


FOUNDRY: Fontfabric

DESIGNERS: Svetoslav Simov & Mirela Belova

CLASSIFICATION: Geometric Sans Serif

Best Practices

Mont is a versatile family that can be used at both large and small sizes. When used in headlines the typeface can be set in thin or heavy weights that displays the refined geometric forms at their extremes. In the smaller sizes and short paragraphs, Mont gives the text an overall sharp look and a clean, contemporary feel.



The family contains 10 roman weights with corresponding italics and two free demos for the total of 20 fonts.

Font Facts

  • Although Mont is a sans based on strict geometry, none of the letters feature a pure geometrical form. The team made numerous compensations and tests to ensure all characters are visually pleasing and fully functional
  • Fontfabric’s diligent efforts on the constructive forms and beziers lead to the honorable award #1 Bestselling Typeface released in 2018.


The development of Mont started back in 2017 as an idea to design a functional and well-balanced design based on pure geometry. Svet Simov and his team explored the boundaries of the basic geometrical forms such as triangle, square, and circle – parts of which can be seen as a underlying forms in the final design.



Mont’s low contrast and prominent x-height define its great legibility. The circular foundation of the round characters b, d, p, q, o, c, e contributes to a clean, modern geometric aesthetic.

How to spot Mont


Download a pdf version of the Mont™ font field guide and view the Mont™ font family.

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