Neue Swift® Font Field Guide

Best Practices

Neue Swift was designed for use in text sizes in publications. It can be used just about anywhere maximum legibility is a requirement. It’s also a striking design, making it both distinctive and easy on the eyes.



The Neue Swift family includes six weights‚ ranging from light to bold‚ each with a cursive Italic companion.

Font Facts

  • Swift’s round forms are relatively flat on the and bottom. This combined with long strong serifs produces a strong horizontal stress that guides the eye along a line of copy


Designed in the early 1980s, Swift’s design traits help it survive on rough paper printed on fast rotary presses of the newspapers of the time. Today, it is used in both print and digital publications. Neue Swift was drawn as an improvement on the original design – both technically and aesthetically.



Swift was specifically designed for newspaper composition. It stands out on the page (be it digital or hardcopy), while remaining exceptionally legible.

How to spot Neue Swift


Download a PDF version of the Neue Swift Font Field Guide and view the Neue Swift font family.

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