Royalis Font Field Guide

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Royalis is an expressive and extravagant serif typeface family. It is characterized by a high contrast and dynamic features in the details, such as long terminals or deep inktraps. Royalis is available in three versions: a display version in six weights, a corresponding condensed version also for display applications, and a text version for body text in four weights. It also comes with all the corresponding italics. This makes Royalis versatile, especially for editorial, packaging, branding and advertising.



Royalis is an expressive and extravagant serif typeface family in three versions with a total of 32 styles.

Font Facts

  • The Royalis family has a total of 1027 glyphs per font, including over 200+ latin based languages and whole range of features like small caps, symbols, alternates and many more.
  • Royalis has an extensive range of circled and squared numbers. Thanks to Open Type Features and an easy system, the various designs can also be simply keyboarded without first having to select them in a glyph palette.


Already in the final strokes of the previous typeface Garino, the idea grew to draw a serif typeface with a strong character as the next project. Since Julien Fincker always likes to try something different with every new typeface, he pushed the extremes as far as possible. The idea was to give the thickest width a very narrow counter and from there see how to go into the thin widths without losing too much characteristic. During the first trials, playful elements were also added directly, such as the long terminals and cut ball serifs, which give the appearance a more unique character. Likewise the rather deep inktraps. These character features are particularly evident in the lowercase a.



The high-contrast display and display condensed versions have been complemented by a lower-contrast text version. This makes Royalis in combination suitable for both strong headlines and extensive body text, especially in the middle weights.

How to spot Royalis


Download a PDF version of the Royalis Font Field Guide and view the Royalis font family.

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