Fonts from TypeType.


The history of the TypeType Foundry began with a simple desire of two people to rethink the process of creating fonts, and over the past 9 years, this idea has developed into a full-fledged modern type production, which currently unites 20 like-minded typeface lovers within its walls. 

And, of course, it should be noted that the solution of complex and non-trivial client problems is a special pleasure for our team. We actively work with customization tools, thanks to which we are able to adapt any font from the TypeType library for solving specific individual client tasks. 

Meet the team.
Aleksandr Kudryavtsev

CEO & Co-founder

Aleksandr Kudryavtsev

Before getting into fonts, Alexander had no idea how interesting this area was to work with, and how many interesting projects, colleagues, and partners there are. It's a pity that he never learned how to make fonts, so he humbly performs administrative functions.

Ivan Gladkikh

CTO & Co-founder

Ivan Gladkikh

Ivan is a self-taught font creator, he started working with fonts in 2004. It happened by chance, and even until now he learns something new at work every day. On the one hand, he doesn’t like rules, as they severely limit the work, and everything that concerns the final font. On the other hand, he loves consistency and order. If everything could be fit into the boxes and drawn with a ruler, Ivan would definitely do it. And he will.

Monotype Fonts

TypeType fonts are included with Monotype Fonts