Fonts from Mark Simonson Studio.

Mark Simonson Studio is a one-person digital type foundry based in Saint Paul, Minnesota founded in 2000. It has 25 typeface families on the market comprising nearly 300 individual fonts, including the very popular Proxima Nova family.

Mark Simonson Studio has so far released 25 typeface families for both text and display ranging from versitile sans serif and serif styles to an eclectic range of retro scripts, vernacular, and art deco styles.

Meet the team.
Mark Simonson

Type Designer

Mark Simonson

Mark Simonson is an independent type designer working out of his home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. While spending the first few decades of his professional life as a graphic designer and magazine art director, he dreamed up ideas for typefaces and got a few fonts published in the mid-nineties. By 2005, he had released over a dozen font families and was doing type design full time. He is best known for creating the popular typeface Proxima Nova.

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