TT Travels Next Font Field Guide

Best Practices

TT Travels Next is a trendy wide sans serif designed to attract attention. Just after its release, it has found its place in the world of show bills and posters, as well as on packaging.


The TT Travels Next typeface consists of 21 fonts: 9 upright and 9 inclined styles, two outline styles, and one variable font with two variability axes (width and slant).

Font Facts

  • In oblique faces, the inclination angle has been purposefully increased up to 14 degrees, so that you can type sharp dynamic inscriptions.
  • There are two outline faces in the font family, which perfectly match with the upright ones and complement them.
  • In addition, the family’s proportions are very wide and the characters almost do not become narrower when going from a thick to a thin face.


TT Travels Next is a new take on the TT Travels font, more modern and bold.

TT Travels Next is an experiment that answers the question, “What if the original TT Travels looked dierent, less compromising and more radical?”


TT Travels Next was designed to be used in large sizes and headings, however, it has a calm stylistic set with more traditional character forms, which allows it to become readable in texts.

Spotting TT Travels Next

Download a pdf version of TT Travels Next Font Field Guide and view the TT Travels Next font family.

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